Weft hair extension: Products never go out of fashion in the international market

Weft hair extensions are the most popular hair extension product in all hair extension markets, with a wide variety of patterns and materials.

Weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions are in high demand among customers

People are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance as well as physical flaws as civilization progresses. Hair enthusiasts pay more attention to the hair, which decides so much of one’s beauty. Many hair dealers have created this business and gained tremendous success in recent years after researching and discovering great benefits from the hair extension market.

Weft hair extensions are also becoming a typical product of the hair extension market because no one is unfamiliar with them when it comes to hair extensions. They will obtain numerous sources of profit with many different forms of weft hair extensions, thus the hair extension market has researched and manufactured many different types of weft hair extension goods to suit this prospective market of hair extensions. Furthermore, having a variety of designs piques buyers’ interest, resulting in increased sales of hair extensions all over the world.

Some details on Weft hair extensions

With so much money riding on weft hair extensions, how does the hair extension industry produce high-quality wefts? Let’s have a look:

Weft hair extensions have a long history

The quality of weft hair extensions goods is largely determined by the origin of raw hair, thus the hair extension market is always focused on these sources.

Weft hair extensions have a long history
  • There are various sorts of raw hair materials available in the hair extensions market, with the most common three being virgin hair, remy hair, and non remy hair. Coarse hair is classified into three groups based on its quality. The first is virgin weft hair extension, which is the highest quality hair with consistent quality and length from root to tip. Weft hair extensions made from virgin hair are popular because they not only sell for a premium price, but they also sell in big quantities. This is because everyone believes that they must use the best products, therefore weft hair extensions manufactured from virgin hair are popular.
  • Remy hair is the second type of raw hair resource. This is a popular haircut in the hair extension industry, and it’s a lot easier to come by than virgin hair. However, because this type of hair does not have the same length and quality as virgin hair, it is frequently sold at a lower price. As a result, weft hair extension goods created from remy hair are also very affordable from the point of purchase to the point of production. As a result, remy hair is used in the majority of hair extensions on the market today, not just weft hair extensions.
  • Because non-remy hair’s quality isn’t valued in today’s market, it’s the least popular. Weft hair extension items created from this material are also not very popular due to the limited use period and the fact that the quality is not as natural as the user’s original hair due to some damage.
  • Currently, most of the weft hair extensions in the world are sourced from Vietnamese and Indian hair types. However, Indian hair is not appreciated as much as Vietnamese hair because the hair is weak, quite dry, fibrous and has a shorter lifespan while the price is not cheap.

What is the price of a Weft hair extension?

Users are particularly interested in the pricing of these products in order to choose a satisfactory product, in addition to the material and design.

What is the price of Weft hair extensions?
  • In general, according to reputable hair extension reviews that we have compiled and consulted on the market, the price of weft hair extensions is from one and a half times to twice as expensive as tape/tip types. The cheapest in terms of suppliers can be mentioned in India, the price of Chinese and Vietnamese hair is slightly higher, and for distributors, it is much more expensive.
  • The cost of weft is determined by a variety of factors, including the product’s material. If the weft hair extension is manufactured from virgin hair, it is obvious that the price will be more than the average. Because it not only makes your hair feel silky smooth, but it also looks natural and doesn’t show when you apply it.
  • If it’s a remy hair weft hair extension, the price will fluctuate in general, but not dramatically. Because this material is popular in the market, it is easy to locate, and hair dealers need to compete with other hair extensions markets, they will frequently put the price of the product in the middle range.
  • The weft manufactured from non-remy hair has a price that is not particularly competitive, but it is more of a complement to the other high-quality products. Alternatively, for those who have never used hair extensions, you can use this hair type to see if you are a good candidate for a weft hair extension so that you can purchase the best items.

The 5S hair factory is a one-stop shop for all types of Weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions from 5S Hair Factory come in a variety of styles and lengths, as well as colors and colors. Customers may get a lot of benefits while shopping at 5S hair factory because the costs of the items are already extremely low, and there are more discount programs that will make users delighted about weft products. Furthermore, 5S hair factory’s weft hair extension goods are all created from high-quality Vietnamese human hair, so users and hair dealers may buy with confidence.

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