Top 3 best hair color cream

If you have used many hair color cream lines but still have not been as desired, you can try the following lines of herbal hair color creams. It will surely satisfy you.

Top 3 best hair color cream

Here are the top 3 hair color cream that we highly recommend you to use.

Bigen Japanese hair color cream

This is a very familiar name in the hair care industry in the country of cherry blossoms, specializing in providing shampoos, hair conditioners, dyes. The products mostly have ingredients from medicinal herbs.

Bigen Japanese hair color cream

  • This is the highest rated product today in terms of quality. Bigen hair color cream has a mint smell, very fragrant without causing an unpleasant smell. The natural herbs in the medicine also help to make the hair softer and smoother after use.
  • These hair color creams bring convenience to users. You can use it right at home without having to spend hours sitting in the salon. In comparison, the cost is much more economical.
  • Bigen herbal hair color cream with natural nourishing essences also penetrates deeply into each hair, giving you a strong hair, minimizing breakage and tangles.
  • One of the new members of the Bigen hair color cream brand is the Bigen Speedy line. With a modern design, plus the amount of nutrients added to withstand today’s harsh weather, it has won the trust of a large number of consumers.
  • The colors of this dye are quite diverse, from youthful colors such as red, pink, yellow to deep brown and black tones. The most diverse is probably the line of brown herbal hair color cream with a variety of colors such as golden brown, copper brown, chocolate brown, smoky brown, reddish brown, etc.

Loreal hair color cream

Loreal is a brand from France. With more than 100 years of experience in the field of hair care for women, Loreal hair color cream was born that has made the followers not stop rubbing. At the same time, this is also the hair care product that the company spends the most time researching.

Loreal hair color cream

  • Preliminary assessment from the outside in, the box has a fairly modern design. Comes with a kit to help you when you dye yourself at home, a bottle with a lid to mix the medicine and a comb cap. You just need to gently squeeze the medicine out and comb it evenly through your hair.
  • Loreal Excellence Creme hair color cream gives a fairly standard color, in addition, it also has silver coating technology, helping the hair to resist harmful environmental factors and clean the hair more. After dyeing, it will leave the hair feeling quite smooth, not dry like normal types.
  • L’oreal Excellence Cream line is the most innovative line when it comes to providing a large amount of protein for you to own a strong, bouncy hair. However, L’oreal has a disadvantage that when dyed, it will cause an unpleasant smell.Speaking of colors, L’oreal always asserts its position with a lot of colors for you to choose from. Loreal hair color cream in chestnut or black or some other brown tone is always dominant when it comes to more than half of the total colors that the company launches.

Double Rich hair color cream

Referring to Korean herbal hair color cream, we certainly cannot forget the Double Rich brand. This is a brand specializing in the production of hair care products and is trusted by a large number of loyal customers.

Double Rich hair color cream

  • The composition of this dye is made from natural ingredients, mainly to mask the unpleasant smell of oxygen dye auxiliaries. Therefore, after each use, you will feel the light scent of flowers.
  • With ingredients Pre-Nutritive Essence helps your hair to be perfectly protected against the effects of ultraviolet rays, sunlight. In addition, it also provides enough nutrients for you to own shiny, strong hair, deeply nourished from the inside to avoid weak fiber and breakage.
  • The full set of Double Rich hair color cream includes a bottle of dye, dye auxiliaries and two packs of conditioner to keep the hair color fast and durable, extremely convenient.
  • The standard color of Double Rich hair color cream will surely make you gasp in surprise. The color is up to standard, durable and does not cause an unpleasant odor to the hair.
  • At the same time, the color palette of this product is also quite diverse. And as usual, brown tones like chestnut brown hair color cream still dominate. Besides, there are also some very trendy colors in recent times such as smoky brown, purple, etc.

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