K Hair Vietnam: How To Expand The Company Scale

K Hair Vietnam is now the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. In addition, it is also the major wholesale hair distributor of many hair sellers from different countries all over the world. Have you ever wondered how a company from a small Asian country can achieve such scale? It is a long story of motivation, direction, strategies, efforts and achievements. In today’s article, we will tell you all about our long journey to achieve current results. Though they are not super amazing in comparison with many other companies in the world, we are really proud and grateful for our efforts and their deserved results.

Let’s first start by looking at what K Hair Vietnam has achieved for nearly 30 years being in the wholesale hair business. Besides always being the top 1 leading hair factory in Vietnam, K-Hair is also the trustworthy partners of thousands of hair sellers all around the world, from Asia to Africa, Europe, America and Australia. We are proud to have more than 1500 loyal hair vendors worldwide and have built 5 offices in 5 different countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia and the USA. Then, how can K Hair Vietnam do so? The answers will be given below.

The company scale firstly results from its motivation and direction. From the very beginning, the direction of K Hair Vietnam has always been to export hair out of Vietnam. In 1992, before the first factory was built and the brand was created, the company at that time was a business that exported human hair bulk from Vietnam to China and Thailand. Due to the availability of hair sources in Vietnam and the low demand for hair there, exporting is the best direction. This is also the motivation that forces K-Hair to try its best to expand the scale into many other countries, not just in Asia as in the beginning. Gradually, K Hair Vietnam finds its ways to maximize the effects of exportation.

To be alive in the worldwide market and unceasingly improve the fame and scale, K-Hair has to point out smart solutions to market and customer issues. About the market, competitors may be the most difficult challenge to deal with. To expand the scale, you have to make sure that at least you are not inferior to your competitors! Or at best, you have to be superior to them! Only by ensuring this can K-Hair gain the trust from customers, and through self-promotions and customers’ promotions, K Hair Vietnam can successfully promote its brand all over the world and become one of the best wholesale hair vendors in the world. To do so, we have to know what is our key value to compete in the market. K Hair Vietnam chose it as the hair quality. We assume that “QUALITY IS KING.” No matter whether there are competitors selling unqualified hair at cheap prices to attract a great number of customers, we will never do so. We know that it can only bring surface benefits, but what we need is the real value of distributing qualified hair to all people in the world. Although this is a challenging process, we believe that it will help us gain real trust from customers and expand our brands to more and more regions.

About the customers, K Hair Vietnam chose hair quality and customer care services to serve them. As mentioned, we follow the value of distributing qualified hair to all people in the world. Therefore, our staff are always willing to answer any wonders about the hair quality or hair related issues. The last objective is to satisfy all the customers. Besides, our customer services are ensured to be the quickest, the most exact and the most devoting. Not only questions about hair quality, we are willing to share about our experience about the hair business, the hair market or any wonders. We always try to be the real partner, the real friend of every customer. Despite the fact that such a large scale with customers from all over the world causes a lot of difficulties in understanding each customer behavior, the staff of K Hair Vietnam never stop learning and improving their understanding of each customer group. What’s more, not only presales and during sales care, K Hair also focuses on post sales care. This is also the reason why we are so loved and promoted by our beloved customers.

Above are all about K Hair Vietnam’s journey to broaden its scale. From the story of the motivation, the direction, the choices to deal with customers and competitors to go further in the market, it shows that K-Hair did put numerous efforts to exist and develop! If K-Hair was not brave enough to follow its strict key values and its ethics, there would be no K Hair Vietnam that is respected by partners all over the world like it is right now. It can be said that the right direction and the strong determination to keep that direction is the very most important key to develop and expand the scale for any business!

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