How to choose good faux mink lash vendors for your lash brand

If you are struggling finding reliable faux mink lash vendors for your lash beauty salons. This blog post would give you some helpful information that would help you have a deeper understanding of faux mink lash vendors as well as some criteria to choose the right ones. 

Understanding the offerings of faux mink lash vendors 

You can not choose good faux mink lash vendors if you do not know anything about these vendors. Just continue to read to find out more information of its offerings and its difference with the real mink lash vendor. 

Faux mink lash vendors offer quality products 

Reliable faux mink lash vendors can offer lash extension products of high quality. The three features mentioned below are their typical ones, which are also their advantages. 

  • Cruelty-free: Faux mink lash vendors offer lash extensions that are made from synthetic materials, which do not harm any animal at all. While mink lash extensions are made of the fur of the minks, which causes these animals to live in cages for all their lives to serve the lash-making process. Therefore, using faux mink lashes is completely cruelty-free. 
  • Long-lasting curl level: For real mink lashes, when being wet, they would easily lose their curl level and quickly become straight. It is so wispy that you would need to you a curler to get it back in shape. However, with faux mink lash vendors, you do not need to worry thanks to long-lasting curliness, even when it is wet.
  • Fewer potential allergies: In the manufacturing process, mink lash extensions are sanitized meticulously to a point where it does not or potentially not cause any risk of allergies. As a result, getting lash extensions from faux mink lash vendors would ensure fewer allergies to your customers.


Faux mink lash vendors could provide your lash brand with products of high-quality, which are cruelty-free, long-lasting, and cause fewer potential allergies to your customers. 

The differences between offerings of faux mink lash vendors and mink lash vendors 

Lash products of mink and faux mink lash vendors are common type of eyelash extensions being used in the lash industry. Even though they are all soft and bring good looking results. They still have a main difference, it is the material they are made from. 

  • Mink lashes: Mink lashes are made from the real animal hair. It means that it is totally natural. The fur of the minks allows this type of eyelash extensions to be softer and look more natural. Thanks to being made from the real hair, it can bring comfortable feeling for your customers while wearing. However, it is also less affordable than lash products from faux mink lash vendors.
  • Faux mink lashes: Considering the criticism of capturing minks for mink lashes, faux mink lash vendors have offered mink lashes-like products, which are made from synthetic fibers and do not harm any animal at all. These eyelash extensions seem a little bolder than the real ones. However, it still reaches the level of softness as the real one.


Lash extensions products from faux mink lash vendors are just made from synthetic fibers. However, it still has the same aesthetical aspect and softness as the real mink lashes. 

Criteria to qualify and choose reliable faux mink lash vendors

To choose good faux mink lash vendors for your lash brand, you need to understand what criteria these vendors need to meet to become reliable choices. Check out these criteria to see if any recommended name is good or not. 

Faux mink lash vendors with legitimacy and clear working terms

The first criteria that you need to check it very crucial. Making sure you check these two clearly if you want to avoid any fraud-related problems.

  • Legal vendors: You should first checking the legitimacy of faux mink lash vendors by verifying the licenses, certifications, as well as theri business registration documents. A careful check at the first place would help you stay away from working with terrible lash vendors, who just want to get money from others.
  • Clear working terms: Almost all faux mink lash vendors would post publicly the terms and policies on their websites. You can read about their exchange policies, payment and return terms, shipping arrangements, etc. This steps would help you figure out whether their terms align with your brand requirements and are able to ensure your purchases or not. 


Checking the validity and the working terms of faux mink lash vendors would ensure that your lash brand is going to partner with reliable ones or not, which help to prevent any other law-related troubles. 

Faux mink lash vendors have a good reputation for offering high-quality products

The faux mink lash vendors that have good reputations are of a higher chance of being good ones, who can provide top-notch quality lash products for your brand. 

  • Products of good quality: To be on the top list of reliable suppliers, faux mink lash vendors need to have the ability to offer lash products of high quality. They understand the importance of product quality in the operation of a lash business as well as their own jobs so they would never offer bad quality ones. 
  • Good reputation: To get a good reputation, these faux mink lash vendors would have clear working terms, and professional working patterns while offering quality lash products. They have impressed their former partners that help them receive good reviews from them. Gradually, they have the good reputation that they deserve. 


Partnering with faux mink lash vendors that have good reputations as well as the ability to provide quality lash items would become big advantages for your lash brand. So you should consider these criteria while choosing ones.

Faux mink lash vendors with stability

To be reliable faux mink lash vendors, they need to have a certain level of stability, even in the financial aspect or product supply aspect. 

  • Financial aspect: Faux mink lash vendors with a stable financial basis would be able to form a more long-lasting partnership with your lash brand. A good economical foundation would allow them to uphold their services and improve the quality of their lash products and the efficiency of the working procedures, which also benefits the smooth operation of your lash brand. 
  • Stable source of supplies: Faux mink lash vendors would be considered as stable ones if they can offer constant sources of supplies for their lash brand partners. They can even offer your brand lash extension trays wholesale in a short lead time so that you do not need to worry about not having enough lash extension trays for lash extension services. Even when your lash brand is out of lash extension trays, with a simplified ordering process, you would soon receive lash extension trays wholesale needed for operating your services. 


With the ability to constantly offer lash supplies as well as a stabilized financial basis, reliable faux mink lash vendors would help streamline your beauty salon’s operations.


Faux mink lash extension products are becoming popular choices for many lash businesses. Knowing how to choose reliable faux mink lash vendors would allow you to partner with good ones, who can help to promote the development of your brand. You can follow the above criteria when qualifying lash vendors so that your brand could work with trustworthy ones. If you want to know more about practices for choosing a suitable eyelash vendor, ways to negotiate and make a deal with lash vendors as well as some tips to avoid scams when working with an eyelash vendor, you can read this article for more detailed information:

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