A Buyer Guide For Chinese Cinnamon Sticks Wholesalers

This article discusses the distinguishing characteristics of China cinnamon sticks in comparison to different kinds of cinnamon sticks, the amount of exports and an opportunity for global markets for Chinese cinnamon sticks, the classification of multiple kinds of Chinese cinnamon stick products, costs, and important Chinese cinnamon stick suppliers.

1. The distinct qualities of Chinese cinnamon sticks

China cinnamon sticks, derived from the Chinese cinnamon, have distinct characteristics in terms of appearance, taste, and aroma. Here’s a description of each aspect:

  • Appearance: China cinnamon sticks are reddish-brown in color, similar to Vietnamese cinnamon sticks. However, they are typically lighter in color compared to Vietnamese cinnamon. The sticks are usually about 2 to 4 inches long and have a thick, woody appearance. They are straighter and less curled than Vietnamese cinnamon sticks.
  • Taste: Chinese cinnamon sticks have a strong, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor. They are known for their robust taste, which is often described as hotter and more intense than Vietnamese cinnamon. The flavor of Chinese cinnamon tends to be less complex but more straightforward and powerful.
  • Aroma: The aroma is pungent and fragrant, with a sweet and woody scent. They emit a warm and spicy fragrance, similar to Vietnamese cinnamon, but with a slightly different profile. The aroma of Chinese cinnamon is often described as being less subtle and more assertive compared to other cinnamon varieties.

Chinese cinnamon sticks are widely used in Chinese and other Asian cuisines, as well as in various baked goods, desserts, and spice blends. Their strong flavor and aromatic properties make them a popular choice for adding warmth and depth to dishes.

It’s important to note that Chinese cinnamon contains higher levels of coumarin, a naturally occurring compound that can be harmful in large quantities. Therefore, moderation is advised when using China cinnamon sticks in culinary preparations.

The distinct qualities of Chinese cinnamon sticks

2. Average cost of Chinese cinnamon sticks in the current market

On average, China cinnamon sticks are relatively more affordable compared to other cinnamon varieties. In the United States, the price can range from approximately $5 to $10 per pound for whole cinnamon sticks. However, prices may vary in different regions and depending on where you purchase them, such as local markets, grocery stores, or online retailers.

It’s worth noting that prices can fluctuate over time due to factors such as supply and demand, seasonal variations, and market conditions. Therefore, it’s advisable to check with local suppliers or online marketplaces to get the most up-to-date pricing information for Chinese cinnamon sticks.

3. Chinese cinnamon sticks suppliers

Here are the information about China cinnamon sticks suppliers that you can not ignore.

3.1. Be careful the Chinese cinnamon sticks suppliers scams

There have been instances of scams and fraudulent activities associated with various products, including Chinese cinnamon sticks. It’s important to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid falling victim to scams. Here are some tips to help you navigate safely:

  • Research and verify the supplier
  • Look for certifications and quality assurances
  • Check for secure payment options
  • Be cautious of suspiciously low prices
  • Use reputable and established platforms
  • Trust your instincts
Be careful the Chinese cinnamon sticks suppliers scams

3.2. Top 3 reputable manufacturers of Chinese cinnamon sticks in the market 

Below are several renowned Chinese cinnamon stick vendors with a good market reputation. Wholesalers must undertake personal investigation and due diligence in order to identify suppliers according to their individual needs and preferences. Here are three well-known manufacturers of China cinnamon sticks:

  • Guangxi Guilin Spice Enterprises Group is a well-known Chinese firm that is famous as one of the most trust-worthy cinnamon manufacturers in the production and export of Chinese cinnamon such as cinnamon sticks. They have existed in the business for a long time and are well-known for producing high-quality goods.
  • Another well-known provider of Chinese cinnamon sticks is Guangxi Jingxi Guixi Cinnamon Development. They are situated in Guangxi, China, and specialize in cinnamon products. They are known in the market for their devotion to service and have a strong reputation.
  • Yunnan Spice Co., Ltd is a popular spice provider headquartered in Yunnan, China. They have a large selection of herbs and spices, notably China cinnamon sticks. They are well-known for their stringent quality control procedures and dependable service.

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