8 hairstyle tutorial without chemicals

 But to own beautiful, salon-standard curly hair, you spend a lot of time, moreover, the hair is affected by heat and chemicals, so it is easily damaged. So hair tutorials without chemicals are now very interesting to women.  Here are the 8 super easy hairstyle tutorials without worrying about damage.

Hairstyle tutorial using rollers

For curly-haired girls, the use of batches is no longer strange, because when the hair is batched, it will help the curls become more sticky and bouncy. The hairstyle tutorial to do it is very simple:

Hairstyle tutorial using rollers

  • Divide your hair into two equal sides and comb the strands to avoid tangles. You can roll the roller when your hair is a little damp to make it easier to manage.
  • Gently divide the hair into smaller curls and use a large plastic roller to roll each curl in an upward direction and secure.
  • Depending on how thick or thin your hair is, use the right amount of batch. If you want the curls to be even, you must divide the curls evenly and tighten your hands so that the curls do not come out of the batch.
  • This way, you can do it while you sleep, or when you’re at home. To keep the curls in place for a long time, after removing the batch, you should use a little more hair conditioner! Good luck with this simple hairstyle tutorial.

Hairstyle tutorial with braids

If you love modern wavy curly hair but are hesitant to do it because of fear of damaged hair, this hairstyle tutorial will overcome that limitation. You only need a few elastics and skillful hands to “turn” your hair into impressive wavy waves. 

Hairstyle tutorial with braids

  • Comb your hair and divide it into 2 or 4 equal sections. You should also do it while the hair is still slightly damp to make the curls more beautiful.
  • Braid your hair in the style of 3 curls to the end of your hair and then tie it with an elastic band. Wait a few hours or you can go to bed and get up in the morning to remove the braids.
  • Remove the elastic and gently remove the curls evenly and use your fingers to gently stroke the hair to make it more wavy. To make curls last longer, you can squeeze the hair to the top of the hold oil.

Hairstyle tutorial with claw clip

It seems that in every woman’s bag there is at least one of these convenient hair clippers. And use crab claw clips to curl the tail very effectively.

Hairstyle tutorial with claw clip

  • Comb the hair and spray a little glue to keep the hair longer.
  • Use your hands to tie all the hair up to the top of the head, twist and roll it into a round bun. Use clamps to fix the bun so that it does not move.
  • You leave it overnight or wait a few hours and then remove the bun. You will surely be surprised with this easy hairstyle tutorial.

Hairstyle tutorial with a handkerchief

Easy to do, not afraid of damage is the biggest advantage of this hairstyle tutorial. If you want to refresh your hair with personality curls, then immediately note how to do it below:

Hairstyle tutorial with a handkerchief

  • Smoothen the hair and divide hair into 3 equal parts: left, right, middle.
  • Tie the scarf tightly to the hair so that it is close to the head, knot in the center of the scarf.
  • Divide the hair into 2 other small curls, each curl wrapped around a section of the towel. Take an elastic band and tie up the tail.
  • You leave your hair like that overnight, and the next morning, gently remove it. Spray a little glue, use your hands to smooth the curls for beautiful curls.

Hairstyle tutorial with socks

You might be surprised by the hairstyle tutorial with socks, right? So what are you waiting for, do not do it right away.

Hairstyle tutorial with socks

  • Spray wet hair, smooth and divide hair into 2 parts: upper and lower.
  • Place the ends of your hair (top hair) in the center of the socks. Then roll your hair up (like spring rolls). Pay attention, you should roll evenly and tightly to prevent the hair from coming out.
  • When rolling to the head, use the 2 ends of the socks to tie. Do the same with the hair at the nape of the neck.
  • This way, you let your hair sleep overnight, the next morning when you wake up, remove it to see the difference.

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