Why are 5S hair factory hair extensions reasonably priced?

Price is one of the issues that 5S hair factory is very interested in to be able to popularize its hair extension products to markets all over the world.

Overview of 5S hair factory’s hair extension price

Let’s find out why 5S hair factory is able to offer prices that are only possible on a product of normal quality.

5S hair factory has supply in Vietnam

As one of the strongest hair extension markets in Vietnam today, 5S hair factory always finds the best suppliers to be able to make high quality hair extensions.

  • Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a climate that changes all year round. In the North of Vietnam there are 4 seasons, and in the South there are 2 seasons. Therefore, anywhere in Vietnam can be found high-quality sources with strong coarse hair or even excellent smooth black hair to make good quality hair extensions. And that’s also the reason why 5S hair factory can reduce the cost of high quality hair extensions.
  • The fact that there is no need to import raw materials has helped 5S hair factory reduce a lot of tax on imported raw hair. Currently, the cost of labor in Vietnam is still relatively cheap, so the 5S hair factory has a production system with many human resources and is equally experienced, but the cost of hiring labor is not too much compared to other hair markets in the world.
  • But after all, the reason why the prices of 5S hair factory’s hair extensions have dropped is that the quality of Vietnamese raw hair is so excellent. Instead of having to use many stages and chemicals to soften or smoothen coarse hair in other hair extensions markets, 5S hair factory only needs to comb the hair and bundle it into different bundles, it is possible to have the perfect coarse hair product for creating hair extensions.

5S hair factory always export hair extension products

You may be wondering why exporting hair extensions makes the price of the product so reasonable, let’s find out right here.

  • Currently, the current exchange rate of Vietnam’s currency compared to developed countries in the world is still far away. Therefore, when 5S hair factory exports hair extension products to other markets around the world, he has carefully calculated how much profit he will receive.
  • And because there is a big difference in currency, the international market feels that the price in the Vietnamese market is very cheap, but with many favorable conditions, it is a completely reasonable price that 5S hair factory offers to serve for all customers who want to buy wholesale hair extensions.
  • When successfully exporting hair extension products to the international market, the brand name of 5S hair factory will also increase since then, hair dealers will come to buy products at 5S hair factory more. It is for that reason that 5S hair factory has many incentive programs for customers both to express gratitude and to help increase sales productivity of the Vietnamese hair extension market.

5S hair factory has a reputable source of high quality

Vietnamese raw hair source has high quality, coupled with a large output and is extremely diverse in design.

When purchasing raw hair products for the production of 5S hair factory’s hair extensions, we have always selected the best Vietnamese hair factory to give Vietnamese hair extensions of international quality. With an abundance of hair from women in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, 5S hair factory has taken advantage of this to make the best hair extension products.

Not only purchasing, 5S hair factory also classifies raw hair materials into different categories with different prices. But overall in terms of quality, even the most underrated hair has good properties.

5S hair factory has a high quality production team

The workers manufacturing hair extensions at 5S hair factory are always well-trained and even highly skilled in making hair extensions. So that once they get used to the job, skilled craftsmen can make high quality hair extensions in very little time.

This is also the reason why the price of 5S hair factory high quality hair extensions has decreased because the production time of this product is much lower than in other hair extensions markets. The products at 5S hair factory always ensure the production time as well as the product consistency, so the price of these hair extensions products is preferentially 5S hair factory to be more suitable for the current world hair extension market. It’s very easy to understand. Customers also love Vietnamese hair extension products at 5S hair factory. High quality hair extension products always bring customers comfort when using as well as convenience in daily hair care.

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