Must-know things about white rice

White rice is popular among consumers across the world. Here is the thorough information about many aspects of white rice for you to know more about this type of rice.

White rice’s overview

Asia is the producer and consumer of about 90% of the world’s white rice, Thailand and Vietnam are wholesale rice suppliers having the highest white rice productivity. Average price of white rice varies from 433 to 437 USD/ton.

Outstanding features of white rice

Color of white rice

White rice is clear or in milky color (opaque color). The color of the rice here is due to the drying process of the factories. Depending on the different drying temperature, the rice color will be different. For example, the drying temperature of rice grain from 15 to 15.5 degrees will produce clear rice, if you want milk rice, the drying temperature of rice needs 9-10 degrees like milky jasmine flavor.


Nature of white rice

  • Sweet and fragrant rice: like Taiwanese fragrant rice (VD20); fragrant flowers; aromatic ST; fragrant Jasmine, jasmine milk…
  • Fragrant, soft rice: Resource rice, Nang fragrant.
  • Normally soft rice: rice 64, 5451.
  • Normally soft and foam rice: rice 6976
  • Normally bloom rice: 504 rice, Ham Chau, cherry, bush, samosa.

Nutritional content of white rice

A bowl of white rice contains 242 calories, 4.4 grams of protein, 53.2 grams of carbohydrates and 0.4 grams of fat.

White rice has many functions, it adds the necessary vitamins, provides important minerals, helps control blood pressure and supply energy.

Typical types of white rice

White rice accounts for the bulk of rice production in the market and here is 3 most popular kinds you should try.

Japonica rice

Clean Japanese Japonica rice fully converges all 3 elements: color – taste – flavor, making it difficult for any customer to criticize. Rice grains are white, round and regular. When cooked, white rice is very soft, has a sweet taste, an attractive natural aroma. Even when cooled, the rice is delicious.

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is fragrant rice with a short growing time (also known as short-term rice). Jasmine rice is currently widely grown, accounting for the largest area in the total rice cultivation area. Because jasmine rice gives high yield and value. Its origin is Philippines and cultivated mainly in Asia.


ST rice

The common feature of the ST rice line is that it has a distinct aroma, when eaten, it has a sweet taste and the white rice is very sticky. In particular, when cooled, the rice is still delicious, not hard.


Ways to buy white rice

There are plenty of ways for consumers to buy white rice directly or online.

In grocery store

Types of white rice are available at almost all local grocery stores or Asian specialty markets. The price is stable and fixed so buyers do not need to worry about a high price, especially when they are distributed in big markets.

Through e-commerce platforms

Amazon, Alibaba or global e-commerce sites are deploying to buy lots of kinds of white rice with a huge volume. Buyers can easily choose and compare the quality of lines of white rice and come to a decision.

Through big suppliers

In countries with strong agricultural exports such as Thailand and Vietnam, the number of white rice suppliers is very large and buyers can easily connect with them directly or online. In Vietnam, some popular suppliers are Vinafood 1 or K-Agriculture.


Top White Rice Brands We Could Find

Here are some of the well-known white rice brands you could find in many selling places.

Nishiki Medium Grain Rice

What makes Nishiki distinct is that it is made using the best grains. It has a brilliant texture and is suitable for dishes around the world.

Bombay Market Basmati White Rice

This white rice stems from the Himalayan region and is made from fresh grains giving the rice a lovely scent and nutty flavor. With a firm texture, this rice is mainly used in curries or other similar dishes.

Iberia Jasmine Rice

Iberia jasmine rice brings an exotic taste to any dish. Mix Iberia Jasmine rice with fresh herbs and vegetables, we have a signature pilaf. Whether it is the main component or not, white rice makes the perfect complement to your chicken, fish or steak.

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