Raw Cambodian hair: The emerging raw hair in the current hair extension market

Today’s hair extensions market is becoming more and more powerful so that the source of raw hair materials becomes extremely important. Raw Cambodian hair appears as a new source of raw materials and is very suitable in the current conditions of the hair extension market.

Overview of Raw Cambodian hair

Cambodia is known as a poor country economically and has not been able to develop as strongly as other countries in the world.

The average income of Cambodians is among the lowest on current international rankings. And like many other underdeveloped countries, there is a large part of Cambodian women who have jobs but low wages, so they have chosen to sell their hair to have an extra income.
That is also the reason that the Cambodian hair extensions market takes advantage of raw Cambodian hair to serve the production of hair extensions or to export to large markets that lack raw hair supply. Raw Cambodian hair also has many good characteristics that make it possible to produce many quality hair extensions.

Also because of the reason that raw Cambodian hair is 100% natural natural hair without chemicals, the quality of these products also lacks consistency, which makes the price of raw Cambodian hair products not high on the current hair extension market.

The features of Raw Cambodian hair

As one of the new sources of raw hair materials, or learn about its characteristics to know more about raw Cambodian hair on the current hair extension market.

Characteristics of Raw Cambodian hair

Raw hair in Asian countries is often very interested, so let’s see what other types of coarse hair have:

  • Raw Cambodian hair is usually little known in the market but recently emerged as a new source of raw materials. Coarse hair is usually light black but not shiny, and it is quite strong because Cambodians take great care of their hair with natural herbs.
  • Raw Cambodian hair is usually very light and thin but still meets the standards to serve the Cambodian hair extension market and is also very suitable for exporting to the international market. Raw Cambodian hair also has the same characteristics as Brazilian hair but is not as shiny as Brazilian hair. So the Cambodian hair extensions market used chemicals to make coarse hair shinier and can help to increase the price of raw Cambodian hair in the international market.
  • Moreover, raw Cambodian hair has two types, straight hair and curly hair, which are very diverse in the production of hair extensions. The availability of these two types of raw Cambodian hair has somewhat reduced the production stages of hair extensions in this market. And it is also the reason that this market can develop raw Cambodian hair throughout other markets in the world because of the variety of styles and materials.

Types of Raw Cambodian hair

If you already know about its characteristics, then let’s learn about the types of raw Cambodian hair:

  • Like many other raw hair types on the hair extension market today, the raw Cambodian hair market also has 2 main sources of raw materials: virgin hair and remy hair. For these two materials, raw Cambodian hair can easily integrate into the world hair extension market quickly because of the high consistency in materials of current hair extensions products.
  • Regarding virgin hair, anywhere this hair is a high-value hair type and the quality is also extremely good. In Cambodia, it is extremely rare to get raw virgin hair sources because only wealthy women can have such strong and shiny hair to such a standard. But of course these women have no need to sell their hair, so finding virgin hair in Cambodia is quite difficult.
  • For the same reason, raw cambodian hair wholesale vendors are usually remy hair with very good quality, but are purchased from many different sources, so it is difficult to guarantee that the quality will be uniform. However, the raw material is remy hair, which is still popular in all hair extension sites today, not only in the Cambodian hair extension market.

The supply of raw hair is of the same quality as that of Raw Cambodian hair: 5S hair factory.

5S hair factory is currently supplying Vietnamese raw hair products in large quantities to the international market. With raw Vietnamese hair material that 5S hair factory brings to customers, it is completely not inferior to but also somewhat better than that of raw Cambodian hair.

When choosing to buy Vietnamese raw hair products, 5S hair factory always ensures customers the best raw materials that are carefully selected and suitable for the price that customers have to pay for these products.

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