Queen Hair Factory Best choice for businesses

Queen Hair Factory has always been the best choice for hair merchants looking for the highest quality Vietnamese hair over the past year. Let’s look at the company’s history and the benefits it provides to its customers.

Queen Hair Factory’s early days

Ms Jessica grew up in a poor family, and she aspired to make a difference as a young woman in college. For years, she had hoped that she would be able to make a positive difference in people’s lives in rural areas after graduating from her university. She tracked down traders in the unforgiving north-east of Vietnam, where she discovered a little-known trade: the Vietnamese hair trade. She was surprised by the possibilities she saw in the healthy Vietnamese women’s flowing, thick hair. After years of saving, researching, and supplying, Ms Jessica opened a small hair factory in 2000 to produce Vietnamese hair for the international market.


Queen Hair Factory brand story

Miss Jessica was able to secure a large number of orders, both locally and internationally, after numerous attempts. The long-term goal of Ms Jessica’s transformation of the manufacturing into its own supplier began in 2012. Although Queen Hair Factory is in a very competitive industry, its essential principles remain intact. Even if competitors get away with unethical practices, Queen Hair Factory has vowed to always provide customers with the highest quality Vietnamese hair care products.

Queen Hair Factory believes that every woman is beautiful and regal in her own right. Because Everyone deserves to be treated like royalty in their lives., we’ve come to offer you a hair makeover. In our factory, every customer is treated like a Queen, and we go out of our way to provide them with the best possible Vietnamese hair and customer service. Queen Hair Factory, which is composed entirely of human hair, may instantly transform your self-esteem.

Queen Hair Factory’s vision and mission

As a company, Queen Hair Factory has always put the needs of its customers first and made it a corporate goal to expand. The slogan of Queen Hair is “Discover your inner queen” .

The Queen Hair Factory Dream

  • During the last twenty years of hard work, Queen Hair Factory has grown into one of Vietnam’s most prominent hair producers.
  • The quality and aesthetic appeal of our items is something we’re always striving towards.

Queen Hair Factory Missions

  • One of the main goals of our organization is to get people to see themselves for what they really are: valuable and beautiful. Queen Hair Factory – the best hair supplier in Vietnam aim to help consumers discover their inner Queens by providing a variety of inventive hairstyles that enhance their natural attractiveness.


  • In our opinion, a woman’s hair is the most authentic and entrancing manner of expressing who she is. When women are at ease and happy with their bodies, they radiate like Queens.
  • Our products are high-quality and affordable for our customers. We constantly place product development at the top of our priority list with the motto”quality before quantity.” To maintain and increase the high quality Vietnamese hair, we put in long hours every day.

No. 1 hair wholesaler Queen Hair Factory

As one of Vietnam’s most reputable wholesale hair suppliers, Queen Hair Factory manufactures and sells high-quality hair at cheap prices while providing professional services to all customers. When you buy from us, you’ll always get prompt and friendly service. We see you as more than just a customer; we see you as a partner with whom we can work to produce and provide high-quality products to customers.

Queen Hair Factory, a major wholesale hair seller, employs a large number of quality inspectors to ensure that their products meet the highest standards. Queen Hair Factory is able to control the quality of its hair from start to finish because it has its own source of raw materials.


  • Queen Hair Factory’s virgin hair products are made from the finest Vietnamese hair, which is why they’re so popular. There will be no mixing of hair from other nations or ethnic groups since we solely utilized hair from Vietnamese donors. We may now have exactly the kind of hair we want, while yet keeping acceptable quality, thanks to this.
  • While delivering the highest quality hair, Queen Hair Factory’s reselling wholesale hair suppliers from other countries are reasonably priced. In addition, we have various rules to help our customers buy hair with a minimum order starting from 3 bundles to verify the quality.
  • If a customer has a problem with our firm, they may contact our hair specialists, who each have at least three years of experience in the hair sector. To guarantee that our consumers throughout the world are satisfied with the hair products and services they get from us, we work tirelessly.

Finally, if you’re looking for a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor who offers high-quality hair at a reasonable price with excellent customer service for the hair market, look no further than Queen Hair Factory. Our team of hairstylists can also help you manage your salon more efficiently.

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