Ponytail hair extension: The number one fashion hairstyle in the world

Ponytail hair extension is the most popular hairstyle ever in the hair beauty industry, and even if you are not familiar with extensions, you must have heard of the famous ponytail.

The demand of Ponytail hair extension

For those who love to tie their hair up, the ponytail hair extension is always their first choice. But sometimes not everyone can satisfy that wish because there are people who do not have such long, shiny and smooth hair.

That’s why they choose ponytail hair extensions to solve all their problems of short hair or thinning hair. Or simply for those who love photography, they want to get the best photo possible, so choose a ponytail hair extension to help make their high ponytail become bouncy and long. smooth like famous stars in the world. Not only taking pictures or beautifying, many people also have a hobby of collecting so that they can be changed for each different occasion. And when simplicity makes it special, the ponytail hair extension hairstyle has been chosen a lot because it is both easy to use and brings a beautiful new feeling.

The types of Ponytail hair extension

Let’s learn about the types of ponytail hair extension so that you can choose the most suitable hairstyle for you

Straight ponytail hair extension

Straight ponytail hairstyle can be considered as the most traditional of this hairstyle. This hairstyle is extremely popular and is still leading the trend in the current hair extension market:

  • To talk about straight ponytail hair extension hairstyles, it is probably not strange to anyone interested in the hair extension market. Ponytail hair extension was in vogue a long time ago, but since the hair extension market exploded as a new trend in the beauty industry today, the straight ponytail extension is back.
  • For this hairstyle, it not only helps users to have long and smooth hair, but also gives a very luxurious feeling like famous international stars. The straight ponytail is also a special feature of the famous star Arianna Grande, one of the most influential people in the field of music today in the world.
  • For those who are passionate about straight ponytails, this hairstyle is definitely not to be missed. With many different lengths, the straight ponytail hair extension can completely satisfy all the needs of customers when choosing this item. Short ponytail hair extension brings a youthful and mischievous look, long ponytail hair extension brings a very dignified feeling with a luxurious aura. This is a hairstyle that you should not ignore.

Curly ponytail hair extension

If there are straight ponytail hair extensions, there will also be curly ponytail hair products to serve customers who love the softness of this hairstyle.

  • Curly hair products often bring a feminine feel to the users, but with a curly ponytail, it can bring much more. With different levels of curls and different lengths, curly ponytails not only bring a feminine beauty, but also girls with strong personalities can use this product.
  • The curly ponytail helps the tied hair to have a high bounce, suitable for customers with thin hair that lacks natural volume. But for those who love ponytails, they always want to have a natural volume for their hair so this hair extension can solve all thinning hair problems.
  • Not only does it stop with wavy curly ponytail hair extensions, but there are also small curly ponytail hair extensions like the hair of strong African girls to help bring new feelings to its users. With this hairstyle, customers have a lot of choices in terms of colors and designs, which is something everyone wants because not everyone likes some basic traditional hairstyles.

5S hair factory has high quality Ponytail hair extension

Famous products such as ponytails, there will certainly be a lot of places selling this type of product, but if you stay in the 5S hair factory, you will have the top quality hair extensions in Vietnam. The 5S hair factory hair extension products are made from raw materials that are the leading sources of strong, shiny hair in Vietnam. Therefore, customers can be assured of everything from the quality to the price of these products.

The ponytail is also one of the best selling products at the 5S hair factory, so the ponytail products are of high quality but the prices are surprisingly cheap. Not only about product quality, the 5S hair factory also always ensures customers get the best experience when shopping here. From facilities to information processing systems are fully equipped and modern to satisfy any customer. Experienced staff will help you answer all your questions.

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