Half up half down hairstyles – The most popular hairstyle for women

1, What are half up half down hairstyles?

One of the most adaptable and stylish hairstyles is the half up, half down. The half up half down hairstyles combine two others by letting the hair free and pulling it up and back from the face at the top of the head. This is really attractive and a wonderful method to emphasize your features and draw attention to your face.

This hairstyle is like a way to “hack” age for women. For teenage girls, half up half down hairstyles make themselves look more dynamic and playful, and for mature women, this hairstyle makes them look a few years younger.

2, How to do half up half down hairstyles? 

This hairstyle is considered divine for any girl at any age, moreover, the way to do it is very simple, please refer to the following steps.

a, Do half up half down hairstyle with high garlic bun

  • Use the top of the ear as the boundary and start taking the hair from the top half of it, tying it into a high ponytail.
  • Divide the ponytail into 2 parts, twist them together like a rope twist, then roll and bun into a high bun on the top of the head, secured with an elastic band or bobby pin.
  • Loosen the hair on the top of the head to create a natural look, if you want you can use a curler to gently curl the curls on both ears to get a cuter look.

b, Do hair up hair down styles are gently like a princess

Basically, this way of doing hair up hair down hair gently like a princess also gives the same effect as the above hairstyle, but instead of twisting, you will use the scrolling operation which is a bit faster and more convenient.

  • Start taking the hair from the part above the ear and then tie it into a traditional half-head style, taking care not to tie your hands firmly and maybe pull the elastic a little lower to create looseness.
  • Use your hands to gently divide the hair on the knot into 2 to create a small hole enough to roll the hair from the outside to the inside.
  • Loosen the hair sections to create a natural look and edit until satisfied.

c, Which occasions can we use hair up hair down hairstyles?

Hair up hair down hairstyle is considered as the national hairstyle of every girl, this hairstyle can be used in formal or informal occasions.

Girls can wear hair up hair down hairstyles to go out, go to coffee with friends. Just change into active clothes, or gentle, graceful, this hairstyle will turn you into a multi-style and very attractive girl.

Besides, hair up hair down hairstyles are also chosen by women to go to work, wear business suits including shirts, casual pants or classic skirts, this hairstyle helps girls look mature but still very smart, young

An interesting fact from this hairstyle that you may not know, the hair up hair down hairstyle is the legendary hairstyle for the wedding that brides choose. The lightness, grace and pride of hair up hair down hairstyles will help girls become more brilliant and beautiful on their big day.

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