Dreams Ville House- a dream house visualized by K-render

Dreams Ville House is a luxury house with 4 main rooms which is perfect for a medium family. Receiving enough input from the customer, K-render quickly starts analyzing the project and rendering it quickly. 

Client’s initial ideas for Dreams Ville House.

To begin, we’d want to discuss the customer’s initial thought when he came to us. 

Lighting in Dreams Ville House

They want the light of the house to be flooded with natural light, as per the initial idea and aesthetic.


The furniture of Dreams Ville project

The house’s principal areas, such as the living room and bedroom, will receive the most light.

The house will become brighter and more spacious as a result of this.

Dreams Ville House’s furniture

The furniture used in Dreams Ville House is mainly made from stone and Wood-Based Panel. The main color tone is gray and black 

  • Those furniture will make the room more opulent and spacious. 
  • By using wooden furniture, the room will be convenient and more comfortable and bring nature into the house. 

Dreams Ville House’s layout

The Dreams Ville House has 4 rooms including

  • a spacious living room equipped with luxurious furniture and relaxation gadgets 
  • two large bedrooms with a cozy atmosphere and comfortable beds. 
  • A dressing room: special required by the homeowner. 

How K-render Studio render Dreams Ville House

The process of rendering K-Dreams Render’s Ville project will be discussed in the next part.

Dream Ville House’s modeling

K-Render has made it much easier to render residences like this one. Because the majority of our customers are individuals who want to visualize their own home, our studio caters to them.


Modeling for Dreams Ville

How K-render does materials and interior details

The source of materials and furniture is the second aspect in the rendering process for the Dreams Ville project.

  • To begin, the house is primarily made of stone and artificial wood, with the primary colors being gray, white, and black, as per the customer’s wishes. The combination of these three hues is really elegant and refined. The architects carefully selected and utilised elements in the visualization program to provide customers with the interior material they desire, such as our New Kenli Showroom.
  • Second, there’s the question of how to put furniture in the room. The house is arranged in a clear and logical order from the main room to the side room, as can be seen. The abundance of utilized things in the Dreams Ville residence makes rendering it tough. As a result, the architects’ team had to work extremely hard and meticulously to select the appropriate items to decorate each area.

Lighting in Dream Villa House project. 

Dreams Ville also emphasizes the importance of the room’s lighting. So the architects have to do that in order to get natural light in the photographs below?

To be able to generate such wonderful lighting, they must first grasp the skills in professional visualization software.


Editing the light for Dreams Ville project

The rendering artists also handle places that do not have natural light in an exceptionally sophisticated manner. The natural light in the Dreams Ville house illustration reveals not only the highlights, but also the hidden corners that viewers can still see and feel.

The camera angle in Dream Villa House project. 

Finally, the photo angle is an important aspect of the Dreams Ville home.

To begin with, the number of views and filming angles will be determined by the customer’s preferences as well as the project’s scope. We advised the homeowner on the number of views appropriate for the project and his visualization skills for this Dreams Ville project or best office building render by K-render

  • Second, viewers will get a better sense of the house’s complexity by using varied camera angles.

What does the customer say about the Dreams Ville House project? 

Check out this final visualization that we delivered to our clients to see how happy they are with the Dreams Ville house designed by K-Render – the greatest interior rendering company.

We want to be able to work with more clients with the motto of always focusing on consumers and producing high-quality products.


Customers will hopefully get more familiar with the K-Render Studio brand as a result of rendering products like this. We are always open to new suggestions from you. Come to K-Render Studio to see how we can help you!

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