Burmese wavy hair – The most sexiest hair in the world

1, What is Burmese wavy hair and where is it from?

Burmese wavy hair is a hybrid between Indian hair and Chinese so it has a lot of similarities with Indian hair, however, Burmese wavy hair also has many outstanding features that make it the sexiest hair type in the world and are sought after, sold at exorbitant prices.

2, Characteristics of Burmese wavy hair 

Burmese wavy hair is a cross between Indian hair and Chinese hair, so it inherits many outstanding features of both types of hair. Burmese wavy hair is thick, extremely strong, has a shiny black color that is very eye-catching and popular, moreover, Burmese wavy hair holds and holds curls very well. Because of the wavy hair feature, this can be considered as one of the hair types that can be suitable for all ages, from teen to adult. Besides, the even, durable and supple wave texture are golden plus points for Burmese wavy hair

However, because it is a mix of Indian hair and Chinese hair, Burmese wavy hair inevitably has the characteristic that the hair is quite rough, so wanting Burmese wavy hair to become smooth requires some experience complicated processings, this will damage the hair more or less

3, Where can customers buy Burmese wavy hair?

Currently, on the market, there are many types of hair from Europe, Asia, Africa, including Burmese wavy hair, so it is not easy for customers to choose Burmese wavy hair products with high quality and cheap price, so please refer to the following address

a, Ruby Hair – The trustworthy supplier of Burmese wavy hair

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