All about Vietnamese hairstyles

Vietnam is known for its rich culture and history of thousands of years, which has imprinted on each dish, taste, outfit and even hairstyle. Let’s learn about Vietnamese hair styles through the ages in today’s article

1, Vietnamese hairstyles early the twentieth century

The typical Vietnamese hairstyle of Vietnamese women in the early 20th century is a high bun, middle part, wrapped in a raven beak or high up. This is probably a typical and characteristic hairstyle that is “unmistakable” when it comes to the image of Vietnamese women in the past. Whether a woman is rich or poor, there is not much difference between them, they still share this Vietnamese hairstyle

2, Vietnamese hair style in the subsidy period

Unlike the feudal period, the Vietnamese hairstyle at this stage is somewhat more basic and gentler, more diverse. The non-goat hairstyle became the fashion of the fashionable ladies at that time, while the working women or village women were loyal to the low bun, side parted hairstyle. 

This is a time when there are many distinctions based on hairstyles. Rich women can wear Vietnamese hairstyles more stylishly, while poor women use Vietnamese hairstyles simply, tied low and neat.

3, Vietnamese hair style in the 90s

This is considered a new phase of Vietnamese history and also a new page in the fashion trend of Vietnamese women. The 90s witnessed a remarkable change of Vietnamese women from dress style to hairstyle. The characteristics of women in this period are heavy makeup, natural hair, sparse or no bangs.

4, Vietnamese hair style in the 2000s

Instead of a natural or curly hairstyle like before, entering the 21st century, Vietnamese hair style has changed, women have known more momentum, the style is also more modern and youthful. Going back 18 years ago, when the straight haircut became a trend, many singers and actors wore this hairstyle and made a great influence on the style of women at this time.

5, Vietnamese hair style from 2010 to now

In the 2010s, young people were hot with cross bangs, lions or fishtails. The appearance of singers or actors with this characteristic hairstyle such as Bao Thy, Van Navy, Thuy Tien, Tam Tit became a craze with fans.

At the present time, Vietnamese hair styles have changed dramatically, becoming more fashionable and attractive with long, curly styles imported from Europe and Korea. Many modern women are not afraid to have bob hair, short and personality, while many young people really like cute and youthful short hairstyles.

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