70’s straight hair – hairstyle we still like now

The 70s in history became an important milestone in every way: culturally, economically and politically all over the world. This is also a year with many changes and explosions in fashion styles that are still popular around the world today, especially in terms of hairstyles. Besides hairstyles like hippy, beehive updo, curly shag,… are loved by all the women in the world crazy, 70’s straight hair still holds the style of being a legendary hairstyle not only for those women then until today

1, Characteristics of 70’s straight hair 

70’s straight hair is considered the simplest and most attractive hairstyle besides sophisticated and complicated hairstyles such as hippy, shaggy mullet, braids, … that need to be curled, tangled, … 70’s straight hair is the most natural hairstyle, just women have a long, straight hair and let it loose. Moreover, 70’s straight hair can be transformed into any different hairstyle easily. If it was too boring with 70’s straight natural hair, the women at that time could dye and trim a bit for a more elegant look.

2, Why was 70’s straight hair popular? 

The popularity of 70’s straight hair is undisputed, because of the applicability and attractive beauty it brings. If women owned a 70’s straight hair at that time, they already possessed the stylish and mysterious beauty that this hairstyle brought. 70’s straight hair can be used in many different occasions and events without the need for elaborate styling. 

Or if straight hair is too boring for women, they can easily change their hairstyle under heat effects such as curling, tying, braiding, even dyeing, bleaching to vibrant colors. It is up to their preference. Besides, 70’s straight hair easily becomes more attractive with bangs: flat bangs, diagonal bangs, thin bangs, … or accessories such as hairpins,scalf, hats, …

3, Are 70’s straight hair coming back?

70’s straight hair has become popular again around the world in recent years. This hairstyle has no age or style limit. Whether you are gentle or personality, you are still a teen or an adult, 70’s straight hair is still extremely suitable for you. Today, people also combine and vary 70’s straight hair a bit, can trim it into layers or gently curl it to look more prominent. But anyway, 70’s straight hair is still a legendary hairstyle and never goes out of fashion for women around the world.

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