5 common mistakes you must avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

There are several mistakes you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering. In the article below, we will introduce and guide you with the necessary information or notes when outsourcing 3D rendering that you should refer to.

What is outsourcing 3D rendering?

Outsourcing 3D rendering is a person who has a need to design and render 3D images of architectural works with professional computer software. This is a commercial transaction between a tenant and an owner or lessee. 

  • All forms of payment as well as working rules will be agreed upon by both parties before performing the work. 
  • In addition, we can have contracts to make outsourcing 3D rendering transactions more binding and smooth.

The 5 mistakes you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

In the following section, we’ll cover the focus of the article. It is about some mistakes when outsourcing 3D rendering that you should be aware of and try to avoid it as much as possible.

Always assume that rendering in outsourcing 3D rendering is design

In fact, this thinking is the key point of those who do not understand 3D rendering outsourcing as well as the field of 3D rendering in general. 


The 1st mistake you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

  • First of all, if you think rendering is design, you’re wrong. You can find a lot of information regarding rendering on the internet. In addition, you can ask people with expertise and high qualifications in the 3D rendering industry for advice and detailed explanations. Misunderstanding the concept of rendering in outsourcing 3D rendering will cause work on your projects to be delayed and not be completed quickly.
  • Therefore, before doing any work, architecture or project, you should improve your knowledge. After you have the basic knowledge for outsourcing 3D rendering, you will proceed to the next steps. As an outsourced 3D rendering service, you need to demonstrate that you are also knowledgeable and have good communication skills when talking about outsourcing 3D rendering . As such, the people you are hiring will feel motivated to work and willing to share everything related to work with you.

Always assume that as much detail can be omitted, the better

Particularly with 3D rendering designs, the more you need to advise those you hire when outsourcing 3D rendering that the more detailed the images, the better.


The 2nd mistake you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

In addition, when sending parameters and input materials to the 3D animators you hire, you should also detail those figures. This will also help your employees understand and be sure about the upcoming project. They won’t need to ask questions over and over again. Just as you can rest assured with the progress that the two parties have agreed and finalized when outsourcing 3D rendering.

Performing superficial 3D rendering outsourcing process

This third mistake is also the result of the second mistake that we mentioned above.


The 3rd mistake you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

  • Firstly, to avoid people who work superficially and slightly during outsourcing 3D rendering, you can rely on their response speed or the feedback of previous customers of the person you are hiring. You will then be able to evaluate and acknowledge their strengths and give them suggestions for things that you are not satisfied with. This will make the 3D rendering outsourcing process much easier for both parties.
  • Secondly, you should set up a schedule and schedule for each work item that you plan to work on and need the 3D animator to meet deadlines. You need to supervise the work of that person before the deadline to send you the finished outsourcing 3D rendering  product according to the original agreement and plan.

Be too demanding with the outsourcing 3D rendering products you receive

After receiving the 3d rendering services, you should have suggestions for editing the images you receive.

  • It’s good if the 3D animator you hire understands your design intent. This will help them to correct the product for you quickly without spending too much time explaining and commenting when outsourcing 3D rendering.
  • However, if that person does not understand your ideas and comments, you should not show an attitude or be too fastidious about their outsourcing 3D rendering products. Because this is a win-win transaction, you should keep a happy and relaxed attitude to work things out.

The 4th mistake you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

Furthermore, you should call the outsourcing 3D rendering person directly to explain and clarify your opinion. Or you can send them illustrations that can help them visualize your ideas and suggestions. If you do it this way, you’ll be able to work with your illustrator more easily, quickly and efficiently.

Hire the wrong outsourcing 3D rendering person for your project

And the fifth mistake you need to avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering is to absolutely not hire the wrong person for your project. 

  • Choosing a reputable and suitable partner for your working style is one of the important factors. This will make your outsourcing 3D rendering work process much easier and more efficient. 
  • You will not need to spend too much time and effort on presenting and explaining much about what you want for this project. The person you are outsourcing 3D rendering to will be able to understand it clearly and extremely quickly.

The 5th mistake you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

Therefore, you need to choose the people you work with carefully. This can directly affect your work performance as well as the entire organization you are working for.


Hopefully the information about outsourcing 3D rendering will be able to help you in your life and work. For more information and the latest articles on 3D architecture and rendering, visit the official K-Render Studio website.

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